Sisters Act

by Ingri Bergo, Antoine Goldet, Louise Hemmerlé, Dea Gjinovci

For centuries, nuns around the world have fought to save victims of slavery. Though it’s only recently that they have coordinated their efforts within a network called Talitha Kum, revealing the scale of a cobweb that was previously invisible.


In this short investigative documentary, we will follow nuns in three different countries, to show the necessity and efficiency of the sisters’ transnational approach in combating human trafficking, an international business that claims over 40 million victims today, according to the International Labour Organisation.


We will follow nuns at every step of the way; helping victims from being trafficked to freedom, from rescue operations to long-term rehabilitation.


Nuns are unsung heroines in the struggle against modern slavery, often putting their own lives in danger to save trafficking victims.


In development with Field of Vision