I can change, but not 100%

by Amie-Sarah Barouh
42 minutes

The film begins with an amorous promise: I can change. A promise heard too often, a promise we know to be false in advance.

This documentary tells the story of the relationship between Boby, a 24-year-old Romanian Roma who grew up in Marseille, living off illegal activities and Amie, a 24-year-old foolhardy girl who grew up in Tokyo.


The plot focuses on the evolution of this unconventional couple who attempts to stay united despite the violence surrounding them. It is set underneath and around the Gare de Lyon in Paris.

The story is narrated throughout by a telephone conversation between Amie and Boby whilst he is in prison. She introspectively digs into their relationship's past, wondering if Boby will ever change.


This film is about a couple whose reality is vacillating; where freedom, confinement and spirituality go side by side.

World Premiere at Visions du réel 2019.

Awarded Prize Dias de Cine at FILMADRID 2019.

With the financial support of the Region Ile-de-France.