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In the Mind of an Abstinent Paedophile

by Antoine Goldet

Nigel, 22, is an engineering student in Belfort (France). Boris, 17, is a  high school student in the suburbs of Paris and lives with his mother. Alexandre, 29, is a French-Italian translator in Paris. Lucas, 19, is kitchen porter in Bordeaux. 

What do they have in common? They are all abstinent paedophiles, it means they do not act on their desires. According to many scientific studies published since 2010, paedophilia is pathological sexual orientation, that is not chosen. 

This film focuses on the experience of abstinent paedophiles who do not act on their desires and want to seek help or other forms of support. It also reflects on the actions of the state to prevent acts of paedophilia in society and see how effective they are. Can paedophilia be treated? Is it possible to reduce the harm of paedophilia in society?

In development.

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